System requirement Details

Introduction to ATLAS Cloud® Software Requirements

This page has been provided to help ensure the correct software requirements are being used for ATLAS Cloud®.

Note that the in-application and in-application manual item types have additional requirements.

ATLAS Cloud® Software Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10/11 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Apple Mac OS (and Mac OS X) 10.5.x, 10.6.x
In-application tests

Only windows is supported for in-application test.

Supported Screen Resolution

The recommended screen resolution is:
  • Non-test users - at least 1024x768 pixels
  • All test users - 1920x1080 pixels*

* Using this resolution will ensure that the on-screen area is large enough to support all types of test; however, the minimum screen resolution required will be dependent on the test content being delivered and in many cases a smaller screen resolution may be used.

Supported Browsers

Most recent versions of
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

The exact versions can't be listed as they update too frequently.

The latest version of Chrome must be used for the item banking audio capture (speaking) test question to work

We recommend that the default web browser is changed from Microsoft Edge to a web browser that is supported by ATLAS Cloud®. For in-application testing, it is essential that the web browser is changed from Microsoft Edge.

Pop-up Blocker

For in-application tests pop-up windows must not be blocked.

Internet Connection

Download speed requirements are dependent on the number of concurrent users and usage patterns. As a rough guide, we recommend at least 512 Kbit/s per user, but no less than 10 Mbit/s of total available capacity.

Speed requirements may be increased if the test includes media objects or large work files.

Firewall Settings

Any firewall or proxy must be configured to allow:
  • HTTPS access (destination TCP port 443, URLs begin with https://)
  • DNS lookups (TCP/UDP port 53, check your DNS server address)

For in-application tests any firewall must also allow the downloading of .bin (Binary data) files.

In-application test

PDF with additional details for in-application type tests. Download